05:00-06:30      Registration and Meet & Greet

06:30-06:40      General Intro

06:40-06:55      Smudging ceremony

06:55-07:00      LIVE painting by Art by Treva introduced

07:00-07:10      Musical selections by Rossi Lopez

07:10-07:15      Spoken Word by Angelina Deberry

07:15-07:35      Presenter: Dr. Saecilia Jackson: Demographic & Policy Issues Affecting the Sexual Decisions of Women in the Era of HIV/AIDS

07:35-07:55      Presenter: Vanessa Torres: Girding Your Loins with Truth

07:55-08:00      Spoken Word: Briana Harris

08:00-08:20      Presenter: Dr. Carol Chandler: I Am

08:20-08:30      Wrap Up




06:00-07:00      Morning worship/meditation

07:00-08:30     Continental Breakfast

08:30-09:00      Doors open to Auditorium

09:00-09:15      Intro to Event, Purpose

“Ground Rules”

09:15-10:00     Connie Hoover: Domestic Violence Is A Family Affair

10:00-10:05      Transition

10:05-10:35      Workshop: Yoga: Master Your Brain, Master Your Life

10:35-10:40      Transition

10:40-11:10      Workshop: Rescue Kit

11:10-11:15      Transition

11:15-12:00     Speaker Tanya R. Liverman: The Key To Your Healing

12:00-01:00     LUNCH

01:00-02:30      Vendor Break/Healing Center

02:30-02:35      Transition

02:35-03:05      Workshop: Achieving Success Using Smart Goals

03:05-03:10      Transition

03:10-03:40      Workshop: How Emotions Affect Our Bodies

03:40-03:45      Transition

03:45-04:15      Musical Selections by Joselyn Best

04:15-04:30      Transition

04:30-05:30     DINNER

05:30-06:30     KEYNOTE Juanita Wynn-Harrison: The Inner View Creates the Outer You

 06:30-07:30     Panel Discussion & Conclusion







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