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I Am Enough Retreat

January 26 - 27th, 2018

Let’s settle it:
You ARE Enough.

Many women experience feelings of self doubt, low self -esteem, shame and the feeling of not-good-enough… somtimes due to being a survivor of sexual, mental or physical abuse.  At other times, this lack of confidence  or feeling “not enough” seems just an unexplainable emotion and consistent reality.

The I Am Enough Retreat is here to help you UNLEASH your voice, OWN your value and WALK into your destiny.  Because, you are MORE than enough.

The target audience for this event is women who are trapped and want to be free from their abusive past and step into the best version of themselves. The retreat will provide an avenue for continued healing on their journey to wholeness as well.

Sponsorship Available. Contact Gloria for details.

Attendees may stay at our host hotel, 

DoubleTree by Hilton, Williamsburg, for a reduced rate.

For phone reservations please dial:

1 (800) 222-8733 with reference group name I AM ENOUGH.

Group code: IAE


For online reservations please visit the link:

 Presented By:

Soulful Journey, LLC    #metoo

Gloria Henderson, an owner of a boutique style massage company titled Soulful Journey, has been in business for 5 years with diverse clientele. Soulful Journey is a source of healing because it allows Gloria to use her knowledge, skills and abilities in massage therapy to help heal others. A survivor of child abuse, physical and sexual, Since opening the doors of her business, she have encountered women who are glamorous, professional, and educated, whom she discovered were battling with feelings of not good enough, lack of self-love and abuse which was an indicator that Gloria was not alone. There are many women who have experienced some type of trauma in their lives which have left them fragmented. It is unfortunate that there are so many hurting souls which has provoked this platform , “ I AM Enough” retreat for women to gather for a weekend to foster healing through music and workshops. The idea is to provide an avenue for continued healing on their journey to wholeness and their best selves.




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